SeaEnergy Concentrate – 1 Litre


SeaEnergy – The key to energising your plants.


Sea Energy Natural Fertiliser

SeaEnergy is a concentrated Marine Minerals Fertiliser. It contains overs 40 highly available minerals in unique ratios, found nowhere else other than in the ocean.

Since SeaEnergy is a 100% natural fertiliser for your plants, it helps keep our planet sustainable through allowing you to switch to a chemical free fertilising routine. For best results, couple SeaEnery with SeaGuard to complete your chemical free plant routine and keep unwanted insects under control.

seaenergy Natural Fertiliser

SeaEnergy – Quick Facts

  • SeaEnergy has shown to increase water and nutrient efficiency via increased growth stage development.
  • The product contains Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Silica, Boron, Iron, Zinc & other trace minerals.

  • It should be used on all plants, vines, trees, vegetables as a drench at planting/transplanting and as a regular foliar spray application.

  • provides minerals for beneficial soil microbes and is safe to beneficial insects.

  • promotes vigorous root development, stimulates the production of chlorophyll/photosynthesis and reduces the effect of frost /cold stress.

  • aids in the control of plant fungal diseases by increasing the plants health & resistance, high pH effect and bioaction of certain metal elements in the formulation

  • has no obnoxious odour and is safe to handle.

  • it is safe for treated/sprayed foliage, flowers and fruit at label rates & frequency.

  • is compatible at label rates with most horticultural sprays – Note: Sea Energy is a high pH liquid Biofertilizer.

  • is a natural mineral biofertiliser not a nitrogen, chemical, synthetic or animal based fertiliser – Sea Energy does not require a ‘with holding’  period (WHP).

Material Safety Data Sheet – SeaEnergy