SeaGuard - Fertiliser

SeaGuard is a natural mineral biofertiliser not a nitrogen, chemical, synthetic or animal-based fertiliser

Pure seawater contains 90+ elements in an inorganic form, ready to be absorbed by a plant. Our ocean is the only source where these elements are in a perfectly balanced solution.

This is where the idea came from to develop SeaEnergy. We have developed an economical method of extracting the minerals, less most of the water and salt, into a very concentrated product.

These extra micronutrients (required by plants in trace amounts) can be described as the catalysts that activate enzymes. They play a specific role in plant growth, development and yield.  It is these relative ratios that are so crucial to the proper balance in SeaEnergy® and promote the optimal nutrient uptake.

seaenergy Natural Fertiliser


  • SeaGuard is based on amorphous silica (Diatomite) extracted from ancient beds of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – (skeletons of diatoms). DE insecticidal activity is provided through physically cutting not by any chemical action on the insect pest. The minerals in SeaGuard are extracted from pristine ocean water.
  • SeaGuard contains Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Silica, Boron, Iron, Zinc & other trace minerals.
  • SeaGuard should be used on all plants, vines, trees, vegetables as a drench at planting/transplanting and as a regular foliar spray application.
  • SeaGuard provides minerals for beneficial soil microbes and is safe to beneficial insects.
  • SeaGuard promotes vigorous root development, stimulates the production of chlorophyll/photosynthesis and reduces the effect of frost /cold stress.
  • SeaGuard aids in the control of plant fungal diseases by increasing the plants health & resistance, high pH effect and bioaction of certain metal elements in the formulation.
  • SeaGuard has no obnoxious odour and is safe to handle.
  • SeaGuard is safe for treated/sprayed foliage, flowers and fruit at label rates & frequency.
  • SeaGuard is compatible at label rates with most horticultural sprays. – Note Sea Guard is a high pH liquid Biofertilizer.
  • SeaGuard is a natural mineral biofertiliser not a nitrogen, chemical, synthetic or animal based fertiliser – Sea Guard does not require a ‘with holding’ period (WHP).
seaguard product
  • SeaEnergy and SeaGuard are uniquely researched and developed products. These products are not based on a specific chemical , fertiliser or animal product.
  • The base for SeaEnergy/SeaGuard is Marine extracted minerals.. basically we reduce sea water to 4% of it’s volume .. in doing this we remove most of the water and salt to leave a concentrate of the important minerals.
  • SeaEnergy/SeaGuard cannot be compared to NPK fertilsers or specific fungicides/insecticides. Our products are both plant growth and fruiting promoters, and possess a unique combination of natural Minerals. The mineral ratios being so rare ,they can not be replicated synthetically.
  • The SeaEnergy/SeaGuard contains many marine derived elements/minerals. the most abundant is Magnesium followed by Calcium .. Potassium.. Sulphur .. Bromine .. Phosphorus .. Boron.. ..Silica.. Strontium .. Aluminium .. Iron.. Zinc.. Selenium.. Nickel…Molybdenum.. Copper…Iodine…Silver..Gold..Irridium..etc.
  • A scientific search of an analysis of sea water will give this information, however it should be noted that the SeaEnergy/SeaGuard formulations are super concentrated compared to normal sea water and are minus most of the salt.
  • Why do you get the significant beneficial results when you use these products? The bio-available Magnesium aids in the increase of plant chlorophyll levels with the resulting increase in carbohydrate synthesis. Calcium is present in a beneficial ratio with the Magnesium .. other plant required macro minerals such as Sulphur, Phosphorus and Potassium are also present.
  • The trace/ micro minerals such as Iron, Zinc, Molybdnum, Copper, Selenium etc present in SeaEnergy/SeaGuard are not in most foliar nutrients or very minimal in kelp/seaweed based products.
  • Of major importance are the Silver,Gold,Platinum, Copper, Iridium….some of which are believed to be in a unique form..These super conductive elements appear to aid plant growth, health and fruitfullness..sweetness..flavour/colour..size. By increasing the capture and transfer of light energy (photons).
  • Plant growth is increased in low light conditions such as cloudy weather..crop covering structures etc.
  • These elements also increase the electron conductive nature of the plant, tree, vine and aid electrons passing along the electron transport chain within the plant, especially in the photo synthetic process. Hydroponic lettuce growers report much better growth in high moonlight when foliage spraying SeaEnergy at 5-7 day intervals.
usage application table seaguard


Increases plant growth Non toxic
Finest grade diatomaceous earth Increases chlorophyll levels
Unique mineral combination Vigorous root development