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Sea Energy Fertilisers

Here at Sea Energy Fertilisers, we are committed to providing a premium, natural alternative to harsh, synthetic chemicals.

Our products are safe for you and our planet. Proudly Australian owned and made, using premium ingredients.

Sea Energy and Sea Guard are made to achieve premium results in both commercial agriculture and the home garden.

Improve Plant Health

Increases plant health, colour, vigor and production through a unique combination of highly available macro and micro nutrients

All Natural

All natural products, safe for you and the environment

Increases plant brix levels

SeaEnergy increases a plants brix levels (nutrient density) by supplying a unique combination of plant available minerals

raspberry fertilizer results

I have been using Sea Energy, for the sugar increase and the health benefits to my crop of raspberries.

The added bonus that we unknowingly got, was a large increase in the number of pollinating bees for a 4 day period after we applied the Sea Energy.  

Mark Rossi

lettuce fertilizer results

Lettuce Grower

Our business supplies lettuce to Woolworths and Coles.

We have been using SeaEnergy and SeaGuard as part of our program for over a year. We have found the following benefits:

  • Longer shelf life
  • Denser product
  • Overall plant health
  • Extra growth
  • Better colour and glossy leaf
  • No compatibility issues

Joseph and Jamie Bonello, Joetan Farming Pty Ltd

Sea Energy Fertilisers

Greens Grower

My greens are going gangbusters after an application of SeaGuard last week!

Nat, Buttonshaw Backyard Farm

Sea Energy Fertilisers
Summary of the Technicals

Let the Science guide you

In a Nutshell:

Pure seawater contains over 90 elements! Earth’s ocean is the only source where these elements exist in a perfectly balanced solution.

Inspired by this knowledge came the development of SeaEnergy. We have developed an economical method of extracting the minerals into a very concentrated product.

These extra micronutrients (required by plants in trace amounts) are catalysts in activating the enzymes in plant cells. They play a specific role in plant growth, development and yield. These relative ratios are crucial to the proper balance in SeaEnergy® and promote optimal nutrient uptake.

The Results:

Plant growth increases, especially in low light conditions such as cloudy weather and crop covering structures. Fungal diseases in plants are eliminated, by increasing the plant’s health & resistance. There is a high pH effect and bioaction of certain metal elements in the formulation.

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