SeaGuard Concentrate – 4 Litre


SeaGuard – The Plant Protector.


SeaGuard fertilizer contains concentrated marine minerals ( as in SeaEnergy) with the added bonus of Diatomaceous Earth (DE).

The DE in SeaGuard consists of ultra fine silica shards which, when applied, coat the leaves and stem.

Insecticidal protection is provided by physically cutting and dehydrating the insect pest.

SeaGuard – Quick Facts

SeaGuard provides minerals for beneficial soil microbes and is safe to beneficial insects.

  • is based on amorphous silica (Diatomite) extracted from ancient beds of Diatomaceous Earth (DE) – (skeletons of diatoms).

  • DE insecticidal activity is provided through physically cutting and abrading, not by any chemical action on the insect pest. Growing plants need minerals. The minerals in SeaGuard are extracted from pristine ocean water.

  • contains Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Silica, Boron, Iron, Zinc & other trace minerals.

  • should be used on all plants, vines, trees, vegetables as a drench at planting/transplanting and as a regular foliar spray application.

  • provides minerals for beneficial soil microbes and is safe to beneficial insects.

  • promotes vigorous root development, stimulates the production of chlorophyll/photosynthesis and reduces the effect of frost /cold stress.

  • aids in the control of plant fungal diseases by increasing the plants health & resistance, high pH effect and bioaction of certain metal elements in the formulation.

  • has no obnoxious odour and is safe to handle.

  • is safe for treated/sprayed foliage, flowers and fruit at label rates & frequency.

  • is compatible at label rates with most horticultural sprays. (Note Sea Guard is a high pH liquid Biofertilizer.)

  • is a natural mineral biofertiliser not a nitrogen, chemical, synthetic or animal based fertiliser – Sea Guard does not require a ‘with holding’ period (WHP).

Material Safety Data Sheet – SeaGuard